Friday, February 20, 2015


**WAVING**  HI!!    ~WELCOME TO THE 2ND B'SUE BOUTIQUES BUILD A LINE BLOG                                                 HOP!

                 Come,  and sit a spell, relax and let me bring you up to speed with what is cooking with "The Bohemian Spell"  ~
        First I would like to thank all my fellow Artista friends who are participating in the challenge~                 Although it did take me a few weeks to visit everyone's blogs  during the first hop I DID visit everyone's blogs and I very much enjoyed reading everyone's posts. It was so nice to get a glimpse into everyone's worlds. It really made me wish that I had shared more about my little slice of the world. That was something that I had really struggled with when writing the 1st hop post- Did people really want to read about me or was I going to bore them?? So, afraid of putting people to sleep I opted against the big share and purposely kept it all very much streamlined to focus solely on the line.It was while I was reading the smallest of details in someone's post that it hit me- It wasn't so much about the content of how much I was sharing; it was more about sharing who the woman was inside of the artist that I very much would like to share with all of you; because you see reguardless if my blog is read by a few or more than a few it is still a creative expression and extension of myself.So, with this in mind I would very much like a "Do Over". So please sit back an relax as I open the window for a bit of fresh air.....

           Awhile back B'Sue asked all of us participating in the challenge who was it that we were inspired by during or creative journey- famous or otherwise. I was always very "Artsy"when I was growing up; being 1 of 5 kids in a middle class household my creativity came from very "simple" supplies.I was so lucky to have an older sister who was only 2 years older  than me so very often my Mom would sit us both down at the kitchen table and we would create together. ( Of course with the time to time sisterly fight included... I remember my sister being so upset saying that I copied her all the time and I was a copy cat... and I am sure she was right and I was a copycat- I always looked up to my sister) .One of our big tangents that we went on was making clothespin dolls. the endless possibilities of fashions we could make kept us busy for so many countless hours. Another one of our creative projects were making garlands out of gum wrappers. We were not allowed to chew gum with sugar in it so we both asked all of our friends to please save all of their gum wrappers for us.With all those wrappers we made a garland that wrapped all the way around the Christmas tree and our Mom loved it!

           My grand parents from Brooklyn used to come and visit and stay with us  for a few weeks at a time and it was during this time that my grandmother ever so patiently taught me how to knit . I say ever so patiently because she was a righty and I was a lefty with ADD ( although no one knew the definition of ADD at that point, and mine presents itself in a slighter way) but Grandma never gave up and although I never made it to the point of making a sweater or a pair of socks all of my stuffed animals and dollies were plenty warm with all the little blankets I knitted for them! LOL.
           While I always felt a creative pull, I replaced my little crafts with cooking. I began cooking and working with very  talented, dedicated chefs not only in CT. but  I was flown to Boston and the Islands where I worked with very talented chefs and graduated from the school of hard knocks. At this point I decided I had an education of cooking under my belt, now it was time to learn about food cost, inventory and front of the house management  and off I went to school for hotel/restaurant management.In the following years I fed my creative spirit with my cooking and a small dried flower arrangement business and then one day during a jaunt to the craft store I found the bead isle and picked up a bead loom. That was it- I was hooked. I became a beading maniac- LOL!
                As life moved on I got married and had a beautiful baby girl and being so busy with life my creativity just naturally took a back seat for a long time, coming out only in my daughters hand made Halloween costumes; which I throughly enjoyed dreaming up!
                Fast forward another 5 years and it was when I was in a very serious car accident where I was hit from behind at a high speed on the highway and on bed rest after my 3rd of 6 surgeries that I discovered the awesome world of wire working  and the rest is history. I couldn't get enough I was so hungry to learn everything I could about jewelry making as I could and while I have  there is still always more to learn; and that is what I love about it- forever creativity!!
            And now, fast forward to today and the challenge, and "The Bohemian Spell" Where am I at??
                       Well let's talk turkey! LOL !  I have my pyramid pretty well thought out, with 4-5 sets of earrings at the bottom. 3-4 Bracelets are in the middle, 3-4necklaces above and at the very top a few statement necklaces.
                   Now... getting done to the creating and the claying and the makering... When I was cooking I used to hate it when people would want to try my food before I was done with all the flavor profiles and I was ready to serve it. I am very much this way with my jewelry too. Like my food I do not want my jewelry to be mistakingly  represented. So.... I  have opted not to share any photos at just yet because I am  still in a place of makering and claying where it still is in the creating      stages... I have my main ideas down pat for necklines and have the wire crochet started, and while I have my polymer clay ideas down patsome of my major supplies were on back order so I am still experimenting at the work table with the final details...  SO, AS SOON AS I HAVE MORE CONCRETE DETAILS TO SHARE I WILL SHARE SOME PHOTOS, BUT... I STILL WANT MY LINE TO HAVE AN ELEMENT OF SURPRISE TO IT SO I WILL NOT BE SHARING EVERYTHING UNTIL THE LAST AND FINAL HOP!!

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  1. Looks like your cute assistants are distracting you haha ;-)

    Love the name that you chose for your line. Looking forward to seeing it in the final reveal.

    Marica xx

  2. Haha No distractions here... I am just not ready to share yet.... But no worries just have to iron out a few kinks and will be good to go - I had some supplies that I need for my clay on back order so it threw things off a bit. Like I said I hate sharing my work when it's not in a place where you can see where I am going... when things are more finished I will share ;) It's all good!
    Look forward to seeing your finished line as well :)
    xo Liz

  3. Thanks for a great post and lively pictures and lots of positive talk. We're so glad you are staying the course and can't wait to see your big reveal!

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    Well done!!

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    You have everyone intrigued as to what you are going to make.
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