Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Hop #3 for BSue Boutiques TAKE 2!!

Hello There All Of My Fellow Creative Chickadees~

      Okay It's Saturday and I have had the worst 48 hours ever!! It all started with good intentions and went nowhere but downhill from there. First of all, let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and giving me the opportunity to explain and share my line, "The Bohemian Spell" with you....
            ...Now, back to the worst 48 hours... Flashback to Thursday night, about 11:00-ish pm. I knew I had the meeting with Jenna's guidance counselor first thing Friday morning so I came over to blogger to set my blog to go live at 5:00 am Friday morning. So I clicked on "schedule" , clicked on the day, and then I noticed it was on Pacific time- Uh-oh, didn't want that, but I said "no biggie" I'll just push the 5:00 am time back to 2:00 am, did all that and clicked on "Done"; and then "error" came up... Tried to do it again  every which way times 10 and it just would not set! O.K., well I had no other choice, I will have to just publish my draft right before I leave. My meeting was at 7:00 am so I  would be ready at 6:00am to have enough time to go online... So I decided to check my draft and that's when it got worse- I had text in my draft but my photos were gone... What the heck??!!
 I couldn't for the life of me get photos on that darn blog!! Long story short, I stayed up all night trying to get my photos up on my blog... Well, not all night, I finally gave up at 4:36am and closed my eyes....
            Next thing I knew Jenna was tugging on my sleeve waking me up At 5:30 am asking me "Mom did you sleep here all night?" Unfortunately the answer was yes, I had been there all night but I had only slept for less than an hour, and I still could not get the photos to post...UGH!!!!!!!! I had figuratively pulled every hair on my head out by this tiime!!!! After a few more *@^ *@ @ @*&^$%& 's  and a few @&^$&'s!!  I knew I had to get ready for the meeting...
                          So, after getting ready for the meeting, I headed off for the school and Jenna's guidance counselor and posted the quick post explaining that I would post by 10:00 am when the meeting was going to be done- So I thought- ha-ha...don't know why I would have thought it would have been done when it was supposed to be done....because by the time all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed it was after 11;00....
         ....And then I fell and passed out, and apparentely hit my head on the way down, and spent the afternoon and evening in the hospital. The good news is the doctor said I do not have a concussion, but the bad news is that with my spinal cord injuries and the other complications going on I can fall every now and again, I have only fallen a hand full of times through out the years but this was the first time I have passed out and fainted. after doing a panel the doctor said that the fact that" Your system is already comprised by the spinal cord injuries and other issues that the staying up all night and the stress that was attached to the staying up all night... probably was what contributed to the fainting...So, I finally got to go home last night  with a killer headache and a weird kind of double vision.
       And here we are today Saturday,,and just like the doctor said, the double vision is gone, but I still have the killer headache...
                    Anyhoo...time for the reveal of line of jewelry, The Bohemian Spell!! I am toying with the idea of opening a second Etsy shop...It is a lot to think about ( at least for me) LOL  :)
        And knowing me I will probably still want to do a little tweaking here or there, before putting in my Etsy shoppe, and I am still working on a line of bracelets, I started them, and then had to stop because I just knew I didn't have enough time to finish them the way I have wanted to so I opted to wait to reveal them when they are ready... Remember I'm the girl who doesn't like to share much before things are close to done??!! LOL... but without further ado,....THE BOHEMIAN SPELL!!
    To begin with, this line is called "Mermaids living in the Sea" The first 2 are 2 of 3 necklaces that I made to appeal to the impulse buyer who keeps herself on a well maintained budget. For this reason, I have kept the necklaces on the simpler side; not alot of extra bling, or charms. The same is true of the earrings.On my workbench right now are 2 over the top super embellished  statement necklaces that are to represent the top of  the pyramid. I will make a few pairs of earrings as well.By now you can probably see that 2 important elements to my design esthetic  are COLOR and POLYMER CLAY.

    So this is the line, I want to THANK Brenda SO MUCH for taking the time to create this classroom; and for sharing her knowledge with all of us.Although there were times when this was all challenging to me because of my all of other work with my daughter and college I have grown in my creative style so much!!

                         Happy Hopping!

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