Monday, February 18, 2013

Come and Look at the FABULOUS Bead Soup Ingredients I got from Jean!

               I was lying down after a round with the Nettie Pot and the Vicks Vaporizer when my daughter came in and handed me a package.Even in my Flu induced state I knew what it was, it was my Bead Soup Ingredients from my Awesome partner Jean Yates. I really lucked out getting Jean as my partner!She is such a real, honest,caring, sweet woman. She has a great job, she writes a column for Digital Beading Magazine and gets to review books!! I think that is such an exciting job! I would love to be able to work in the creative world I love so much. It would be so fun to work for a magazine! Jean's other passion, when she's not working with beads, is Blythe Dolls. She is writing a book about Blythe Dolls and has a blog about them, . Now I had to admit, I wasn't quite sure if I knew what Blythe Dolls were exactly, so I Googled them. Well, they weren't what I thought, so it was good that I did google them.They are cute, big eyed dolls originating back in 1972. So, if you too are a Blythe Doll lover definitely check out Jean's blog!
                             O.k. so now for the bead soup! Jean was generous in sending me two focal beads. The long, skinny one is Glass, and the round one is Ceramic. Both are beautiful, and I knew what they would become the minute I saw them. Jean also sent a handful of gorgeously polished polymer clay beads, Fresh Water pearls, various crystals,  a pretty flower clasp, and  some tiger tail. 
                               Off I go to tackle my ingredients to make a fabulous Bead soup that I hope will make Jean proud~

                                   Have A Great Day! When I went over to Google to get jean's blog link the font just changed on me, and to be honest I can't figure out why and I am to sick to spend the time to figure it out xo

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Time for Lori Anderson's 7th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party...And To Meet My Partner, Jean Yates!!

Good Morning Y'All~
      ~I have been abit buried-Quite literally! Under  3 FEET of snow!! Charlotte did a great job at putting everything into a major stand still. Our car is still buried with a 4 foot drift of snow around it- Yup that is my car!! We finally got plowed yesterday evening, and now I am at the mercy of my poor 16 yr. old daughter to be able to dig out the car. It is definitely going to take her a couple of days to get all that snow moved, so I am definitely housebound until Friday...Boo Hoo!!! I want out!!!

         But this blog post is about Lori Anderson's 7th Bead Soup Blog Party and my partner, Jean Yates! Here is her blog: and her facebook page:!/jyatesnewyork?fref=ts  Please go check them out!  I am so excited to have Jean as a partner because she seems as though she is a very warm, approachable, loving person with no B.S. beans about her! Turns out, Jean is in N.Y. and just a stone's throw from me in  Ct.! -How cool is that? Maybe someday we might actually be able to meet! I decided to just go with what I feeling when it came to the colors I was going to send Jean for her bead soup. Whether they are colors she loves or is familar with, I think she will still have alot of fun with the "ingredients" reguardless. I got such a great feeling from Jean from the very first intro, I feel as though it is really important that she enjoys her "mice en place" I Cannot wait to see the gorgeous creations Jean comes up with! I love suprising people, and I love suprises too- that is just one of the reasons why this hop is so much fun!
                                       So stay tuned, and follow along, maybe you'll want to participate in the next Bead Soup Blog Party!!My next post will be a cryptic photo of the "ingredients" that Jean is getting-make sure you come and check it out- I bet you won't be able to tell a thing! ...I hope!!
                                        So, until then, have a great day, and let your creative self shine!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Artisan Whimsy's Hand Dyed Seam Binding Challenge

 Happy Friday!
     Well it's Friday-TGIF! It has been a busy week! But busy is good! I am going to close the week with my entry into the challenge I entered over at Artisan Whimsy. It was a really fun chalenge, it was A Hand Dyed Seam Bindibg Challenge. Karen Lackey was so kind  to send us all some of her  incredibly beautiful Hand Dyed Seam Binding and then it was up to us to go to town.
         ~This is what I came up with: Being a mixed media jewelry artist I am all about incorporating more than 1 medium into my work. This piece is made up of one of my handmade Resin Pendants ass the focal. I surrounded the focal with Karen's beautiful seam binding and some hand spun silk fiber, I then joined the fibers into my hand wrapped chain with two little heart toggle clasps. I adorned the piece with wire wrapped dangles hanging from the chain and from the focal pendant...
          ~Now, this is where I say Thank you for visiting me, please stay with me as we take this journey and get the kinks out of this blog together! We are going to have alot of fun-I promise!
             I'll see you tomorrow when I will be sharing some of my Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelets!
                           Ok. I am off to see what my fellow creative friends have made for this challenge
                                                                       See You Tomorrow
                                                              Thanks for Stopping In!!
                                                                   (((((HUGS))))) xo