Monday, February 18, 2013

Come and Look at the FABULOUS Bead Soup Ingredients I got from Jean!

               I was lying down after a round with the Nettie Pot and the Vicks Vaporizer when my daughter came in and handed me a package.Even in my Flu induced state I knew what it was, it was my Bead Soup Ingredients from my Awesome partner Jean Yates. I really lucked out getting Jean as my partner!She is such a real, honest,caring, sweet woman. She has a great job, she writes a column for Digital Beading Magazine and gets to review books!! I think that is such an exciting job! I would love to be able to work in the creative world I love so much. It would be so fun to work for a magazine! Jean's other passion, when she's not working with beads, is Blythe Dolls. She is writing a book about Blythe Dolls and has a blog about them, . Now I had to admit, I wasn't quite sure if I knew what Blythe Dolls were exactly, so I Googled them. Well, they weren't what I thought, so it was good that I did google them.They are cute, big eyed dolls originating back in 1972. So, if you too are a Blythe Doll lover definitely check out Jean's blog!
                             O.k. so now for the bead soup! Jean was generous in sending me two focal beads. The long, skinny one is Glass, and the round one is Ceramic. Both are beautiful, and I knew what they would become the minute I saw them. Jean also sent a handful of gorgeously polished polymer clay beads, Fresh Water pearls, various crystals,  a pretty flower clasp, and  some tiger tail. 
                               Off I go to tackle my ingredients to make a fabulous Bead soup that I hope will make Jean proud~

                                   Have A Great Day! When I went over to Google to get jean's blog link the font just changed on me, and to be honest I can't figure out why and I am to sick to spend the time to figure it out xo


  1. Feel better soon!!! I look forward to seeing your creation :)

  2. Sure hope you are up and about and feeling all well soon take care of you...bye for now , Jacqueline

  3. Have fun, Liz. Jean is just the best!

  4. I left a comment here last week and it didn't save. :( Well, I'm leaving another! Liz, I really like your blog. It is lively, creative, and has a lot of good energy. I hope you feel better soon. Beautiful stuff from Jean - can hardly wait to see what you create! Love and Hugs, Pasha

  5. I agree with pasha! You are lively, fun and creative!
    Here is my blog link
    I know my blog is a pain-- I think it is because it is too old! I need a new blog. I love yours! xoxox BIG HUGS! jean :)

  6. Great soup! I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.